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Welcome to Global Scitech Solutions (GSS) Ltd, a Nigerian owned company dedicated to the provision of products and services to the Oil & Gas, Food and Beverage. Research and Medical, Pharmaceutical, Education, Water and Environment sector and Engineering services. GSS Ltd is registered in Nigeria and also in the United States. Our vision is to become the preferred solution provider to clients across industries, both in the public and private sector. Read More


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“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking” – Henry Ford.


At GSS Ltd, we believe in sharing and living our values which are Passion, Integrity and Partnership (PIP). Our values influence our behavior, how we wish to be viewed as a company and as individuals and underpin everything we do

We have the passion to make a difference and do the best in everything we do. We have goals that we are passionate about and that we share with each other. Ultimately, it’s about being No 1 in our customer’s eyes, our employee’s eyes, our supplier’s eyes and our community’s eyes.
We are passionate about new ideas and giving people the freedom to experiment without fear of failure. We want and need to learn and are passionate about people wanting to work with us.

We are fair, honest and truthful in our dealing. We are reliable by delivering what we say or are tasked to deliver accurately and on time. We do the right thing and take responsibility for our tasks and actions. We are accountable for our results and the outcomes. of our actions and we hold each other accountable.
Our responsibility to our employees, the community and the environment drives our behavior in all our actions. We present ourselves as an organization and people that are professional, reliable and ready to do business to the highest standards. Anyone dealing with our organization and staff will have complete faith in us.

This is about making sure that everyone who comes into contact with our business has the opportunity to develop, benefit and succeed from our relationship. It is about the continual development of our employees and creating opportunities for individuals and groups within the business to excel in their chosen fields.
Our belief is that we cannot achieve our goals without the mutual assistance, guidance and support of our employees, our suppliers, our community and our environment.
Team work
Bringing out the best in our diversity