Research & Medical

GSS Ltd are one of the largest suppliers of Medical Supplies and Medical Equipment in Nigeria. Our range of medical supplies is partnered with the most reputable manufacturers in order to bring you the highest quality products at the best prices. We have always intended to supply only high quality products from the smallest packet of plasters to the latest in automatic defibrillators.

Top quality British companies supply the majority of our plasters, dressings and other consumables and are licensed and approved by the Department of Health. We offer unbeatable and diverse range of medical supplies from Blood Pressure Monitors to Spirometry; alongside ECG Monitors, ECG Paper and Nebulisers with delivery across Nigeria. Our medical supplies include top branded Stethoscopes from 3M Littmann, and Nebulisers from the well-known Omron brand.


We also have a range of medical disposables available including Medical Gloves and First Aid Kits. Every last one of our medical products are hand selected specifically as being from brands with the highest of reputations and quality, and our level of customer service is renowned all across Nigeria.

Below are a few of our range of medical equipment:-